Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Master Cleanse

So, I am on Day 1 of my Master Cleanse Detox Process.

I was at the pool on Sunday with my good friend Ellie when she told me about this 'crazy diet' she was on, although it isn't exactly a "diet". I GUESS if you want to get technical it is a diet, but I am claiming it as more of a Self Control Detox, than a ''diet''. I found out that this detox eliminates almost all toxic waste from your body and even gets rid of the toxins that cause Allergies, which is great to know!

So, this process is rather difficult to achieve, Ellie--didn't quite make it after day 1, so keep your fingers crossed! I am not going to describe it in detail, b/c that would take to much of my time, but just keep an eye out on how my diet changes over the next two days...heh

So I guess if your wondering, the process is suppose to be 7 days long, but for health/personal reasons I am only detoxing for 5 days, including a 3 day ease in and 3 day ease out, so total of 11 days. [It will be difficult.]

My Food Log for today is as follows:
--Orange for breakfast + lots of water
--Pistachios as a [snack] after work
--A cup of Gumbo for dinner with only 2 peices of shrimp w. fresh Lemonade to drink
--Organic 'Arabian Night' tea for after dinner snack
--Organic 'Peppermint' tea for before I go to bed

For tomorrow I can only eat broth soup, with no whole foods in it such as meat or veggies, I am truly NOT looking forward to this now, but I know that at the end of my 5 days, I will feel so good about my overall health. :]


  1. i want to do this... maybe in a week or so! :]

  2. ok that thing was impossible... at least i made it a whole day without eating...... except i never eat.... so that wasn't that hard...
    are you still doing it?

  3. ellie! i lasted 4 days! i was really proud of myself, i think i cheated maybe 1 or 2 times, it was so hard, but i think that the ease-in process helped so much!