Monday, July 27, 2009

It's about 3.30 am on monday morning.. I just got done working an over night shift at XXI, it was a blast....... .....
I'm tired but I don't think I could sleep if I tried, so instead I have a little helper, heh. Hopefully I will soon be dozing..but in the mean time I wanted to catch up, because I have not made an entry in quite some time.
I have just been so busy lately, between working, hanging out with friends and setting up my house, I don't feel like I have time for anything.
I miss making clothes... :[ It really makes me sad to think about all the things I use to have time for, that I don't have the time for now.. it kind of sucks getting older.
I have contemplated much lately, about life and everything that is involved in it, and I don't see the point to rush through it, but then I find myself in a loop of time that consumes me, and it makes me feel like if I don't do something in this certain amount of time, I am a failure.

I am trying not to think this way anymore though, I am trying to live life how I use to free and on edge, and not worry about time and all these materialistic things that consume me.
Anways, just wanted to clear my mind a bit, and I DO already feel much lighter, it softens me and makes me feel closer to the earth.

I want all my friends to know I think about all of you guys all the time, and I worry far too much about you, although I don't show it enough it is true that all you guys complete me and make me feel so much better about this thing called life, at least if that's what you want to call it..

Just on a random note, I fucking hate the newspaper man, he always scares me when I'm up ths late..what a creepshow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Master Cleanse

So, I am on Day 1 of my Master Cleanse Detox Process.

I was at the pool on Sunday with my good friend Ellie when she told me about this 'crazy diet' she was on, although it isn't exactly a "diet". I GUESS if you want to get technical it is a diet, but I am claiming it as more of a Self Control Detox, than a ''diet''. I found out that this detox eliminates almost all toxic waste from your body and even gets rid of the toxins that cause Allergies, which is great to know!

So, this process is rather difficult to achieve, Ellie--didn't quite make it after day 1, so keep your fingers crossed! I am not going to describe it in detail, b/c that would take to much of my time, but just keep an eye out on how my diet changes over the next two days...heh

So I guess if your wondering, the process is suppose to be 7 days long, but for health/personal reasons I am only detoxing for 5 days, including a 3 day ease in and 3 day ease out, so total of 11 days. [It will be difficult.]

My Food Log for today is as follows:
--Orange for breakfast + lots of water
--Pistachios as a [snack] after work
--A cup of Gumbo for dinner with only 2 peices of shrimp w. fresh Lemonade to drink
--Organic 'Arabian Night' tea for after dinner snack
--Organic 'Peppermint' tea for before I go to bed

For tomorrow I can only eat broth soup, with no whole foods in it such as meat or veggies, I am truly NOT looking forward to this now, but I know that at the end of my 5 days, I will feel so good about my overall health. :]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I think my cat is dying. She is acting so strange, she just licked Ben! I do not think she has ever licked me is really sad, because I feel like it is my fault. I decided to put flea med. on her back because obviously it is flea season, and I think she has been licking it. I feel so bad for her, I usually hate this cat, but I am becoming really sad thinking about her dying.

Silv being adorable.[for the 1st time ever]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To better understand this story, you must know my boyfriend, Ben goes to a private college. Going forward, He has been trying to get "off Campus" housing for about 2-3 months now. Which I know is ridiculous, but that's what he has to do if he wants to live off campus with my best friend Mark and I. This process has been so agonizing and quite frankly, annoying. I just do not understand the concept of forcing someone to live where they do not want to, but then again it all goes back to money and power. Well the good news is, yesterday Ben walks up to me shoves his phone in my face and I read an e-mail that said " I an pleased to inform you that you have been granted off-campus housing." I freaked out! I was estatic! So now that we know he can live off campus, we are starting to look at houses in Conway. Actually, we already have one picked out that my mom is taking us to look at sometime within the next week. The best part is my dad is all for it [which is odd] and my mom is wish-washy. I do hope things work out well in the end, I just don't wanna miss an opportunity like this! The house is adorable and right in the middle of Hendrix and U.C.A, which again is perfect.

Oh I hope it works out! I do I do I tell yah!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I should be asleep right now, but instead of actually getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep before my early work schedule of 7 a.m., I am deciding it would be best to sit at the computer screen.

I have been munching slowly on homemade pico-de-gio for the past hour and a half, sipping on coconut milk[which is Delicious] and eating a "petit" cookie. I amuse myself sometimes.
Just take a look for yourself...

I love my little vintage bowls my sister got from an estate sale. They are so cute!

Friday, May 8, 2009

First Post

It is hard for me to believe that this is the first 'real' blog I have ever intended to use on a 'regular' basis. I love technological advances and how far they have been expanded, but I absolutely hate sitting in front of a screen for more than a few minutes. It makes me feel so un-productive, but it is better than watching T.V.
I feel this will be a good investment of my time however, solely for the fact that I want to communicate daily with myself and other individuals.
I often say rediculous things.